Tuesday 15 August 2023

PES 2013 Socram Patch Ultimate Edition 2023


→ Premier League - 20 teams

→ Sky Bet Championship - 18 teams

→ Brasileirão Serie A and B - 20 teams

→ Ligue 1 - 20 teams

→ Serie A TIM - 20 teams

→ Bundesliga - 18 teams

→ La Liga - 20 teams

→ Liga NOS - 18 teams

→ Eredivisie - 18 teams

→ Others from Europe - 24 teams

→ Liga Profesional de Fútbol  Argentina - 21 teams

→ Libertadores - 44 teams

→ MLS - 18 teams

→ Classic Teams 2000's' - 31 teams (alternative mode for European teams)

→ Classic Selections - 6 teams

• Option File - Updated until 01/27/2022

• New stadiums added and several updated!

• New high-quality turf for all stadiums, including "Stadium Creator"

• New boots for the current 2022 season - by DaviDBraZ

• New balls from the current season and several exclusive retro 2000s' - by M4rcelo & Socram

• Over 3000 HD faces across multiple players from all leagues and national teams

• Football Life with new lines, texts (only in PT-BR), new animation scenarios, new rooms, faces in the secretaries and technical committee, new sponsors + translation in PT-BR

• 100% revised and updated uniforms - by Auvergner81

• New soundtrack with current songs (optional)

• Added and updated logos and shields of various teams and national teams

• Cheers from cheers for virtually every league and continent

• New teams that moved up to the 1st division of several leagues, example of Vizela in Liga NOS

• Only internet patch with fully organized and updated GDB maps

• Various scoreboards/scoreboards for all leagues present in the game

• Update on advertising scores in various stadiums, leagues and cups

• Graphic completely reworked and exclusively for Socram Patch, without taking away the originality and essence of the game itself, with new fonts and icons

• Luis Roberto's narration adapted for the patch, with the correct anthems after the goal (Brasileirão)

• Totally overhauled Football Life and 100% playable, both in Libertadores and UEFA

Installation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Sai1BgXJTw

Note :

• Clubs (except MLS) are duly updated and revised, but in terms of selections, some are still outdated. But they will be fixed in future updates! :D

• Some details that may have gone unnoticed may be outdated and with basic errors like (faces and gray uniforms, transfers still being done), I kindly ask you to call me via inbox on facebook to correct them and keep the patch :) It was done totally alone, so you can't expect something 100%, because there are thousands of details for a mind to make everything right, I ask for everyone's understanding!

• PLEASE WATCH THE INSTALLATION TUTORIAL WITH FULL ATTENTION!!! The installation mode is absurdly easy and practical. Just follow the step by step right that is success. There are people who come to me and say: "ah, I did exactly as in the video and I couldn't." He arrives on time, he didn't do a little detail and says he did everything right... 😓

• IMPORTANT: After all the installation, it is important to delete the following files referring to Football Life that is in the PesJp folder in Documents. File names are all those starting with "ML01.bin" and "BL01.bin".

PASSWORD: socrameditpes


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