Saturday 19 August 2023

PES5/WE9/LE Banners Kitserver Module

CREDITS: Pes Indie Team

How to use it:

Easy, we're gonna have a folder inside GDB called "banners" just like the picture

what's gonna be inside it? there's gonna be folders with your banners and a text file called map.txt

inside the folder of the team we can put banners files, as many as we want the module will select them randomly before the match, as long as they're .str or .bin and a file called colours were we can set the colours of the supporters

which values can go on the colours? (DONT USE THE LETTERS SEE BELOW)

in the image you'll see, but you need to input a number!

A = 10

B = 11

C = 12

D = 13

E = 14 (max value)

How do i install it???

easy, download the .rar and extract inside the root of your kitserver folder

Now go into kload.cfg go and place before afs2fs.dll module, just like this

dont follow my numbers, probably you have others, also remember to incress by one the DLL.num option

where do i get some banner templates for this module?

they're below! max resolution allowed is 2048x2048!

@Pato_Lucas18 he helped me a lot to get this working, most of the reversing on where the textures for banners were loaded was by him, thanks a lot!

@Fabri55 and @dsfrozen thanks you guys for testing the module and give me the feedback!

@juce thanks for creating the kitserver5 and sharing the source code with us :)

Mexapes - Trapos para PES 6, his banners were use on the previews and the examples i left, thanks a lot for your amazing creations

That's all enjoy it!


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