Sunday, 17 March 2019

PES 2019 PES Tuning Patch 2019 v1.

* Adboard: Added new adboards (UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League etc…).
* Ball: Added new balls.
* Boot: Added new boots. (Boot Pack Volume9 by Paul81118 and Hawke).
* Chant: Added new teamchants. (Chantpack v6 by predator002).
* Competition: Correct names and logos for all competitions and cups.
* Controllor: Added new controller. (PS4 Controller).
* Corner Flag: Added new corner flags.
* Crowd: No Crowd Offline & Online mode.
* Face: Added and updated some new players faces.
* Font: Added new fonts.
* Glove: Added new Gloves. (Glove Pack V6 Hawke).
* Live Update: Latest live update fully implemented.
* Manager: Update all managers names for all teams and photos for same some competitions.
* National Kit: Added kits for all unlicensed national teams.
* Miniface: Added new formation pictures.
* Pre Match Animation: Added new pre-match animation.
* Press Room: Added new press rooms.
* Referee Kit: Added new referee kits.
* Replay Logo: Added new replay logos.
* Rivals: Update rivals some teams.
* Scoreboard: Added new scoreboards.
* Sider: Sider v5.2.1.
* Sleeve Badges: Added sleeve badges for LaLiga Santander, Serie A TIM, more.
* Stadium: Added new stadiums (Sider version).
* Tattoo: Added new tattoos.

Leagues (2018/19):
* LaLiga Santander, Bundesliga and Chinese (Cup and Supercup) => Full licensed leagues with correct Teams Names, Logos, Emblems, Formations, League Logos, Squads, Managers, Players, Kits and Fonts.
* League structures: Updated with promoted teams and alphabetically in their respective leagues.

* Juventus => Licensed Juventus team with correct Name, Logo, Emblem, Formation, Squad, Manager, Players, Kits and Fonts.

*** New Features:
Data Pack for STEAM version:
* Includes latest PES2019 Patch 1.04.02 and Data Pack 4.02.

1. Go to your “Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\save” folder and delete all files except:
=> “BEDIT00000000”.
=> “SYSTEM00000000”.
=> “Your Pes Backups” if you have.

2. Go to your “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019” and delete all files and folders except:
=> “Data” folder.
=> “download” folder.
=> “amd_ags_x64.dll” file.
=> “AnselSDK64.dll” file.
=> “InstallScript.vdf” file.
=> “sdkencryptedappticket64.dll
=> “Settings.exe” file.
=> “Settings_b.dll” file.
=> “steam_appid.txt” file.

3. Go to your “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\download” and delete all cpk files except:
=> dt80_100E_x64.cpk
=> dt80_101E_x64.cpk
=> dt80_102E_x64.cpk
=> dt80_103E_x64.cpk
=> dt80_200E_x64.cpk

4. Run “Pes Tuning Patch 2019 v1.” and install it in:
– C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

5. When the end page is displayed, “OF.exe” will automatically launch in a new window, install it in:
– Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\”xxxxxxxxxx”\save

6. When the end page is displayed, you must check the box that correspond to your PES 2019 version(STEAM)installed on your computer.

7. When you click “Finish” “STEAM version.exe” will automatically launch in a new window, install it in:
– C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

8. Install Pes Tuning Patch 2019 – Chant Pack v1.0.

9. Run “PES TUNING PATCH 2019.exe” from your computer desktop.

10. Choose your mode from “Switches” tab.

11. Choose your settings from “Selector” tab.

12. Start game from “Play” tab.

13. Enjoy.

* DO NOT delete or rename this files:

*** Credits:
*** Sorry if I forget someone ***
Konami, Jenkey, Hawke, Cesc Fabregas, sxsxsx, Txak, Juce, Baris, Sho9_6, Amir.Hsn7, predator002, erolkopuz, 1002MB, Paul81118.
Special thank you to all faces mackers for their faces.
Special thank you to all kits makers for their kits and PTE patch for some kits.
Special thank you to all stadiums makers for their stadiums.


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