Wednesday 3 June 2020

PES 6 New 3D Body Model 2020-21

CREDITS: VillaPilla

They are already starting to leak and present equipment for the 20/21 season, I see many kitmakers working on their templates and t-shirts, today I want to leave the new model 3 D Icarospes & VillaPilla (already implanted in the Iberia Patch ) and a blender file created by Icaros to visualize and paint.

Attention!!! It is necessary that kitmakers have a reference model to edit our kits without risking that then they will not serve some patches, such as kitmakers are the hours of work that is dedicated to each kit... so we will have a visual look for the much more real and new 3 D model.. but the UV template where editors work will not have any changes (includes some improvements) that can affect the kits already edited during these years ago, which means that any edited kit for PES6 is compatible with the model!!


Just copy file and paste it into PES6/Kitserver/0_text.afs folder


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