Thursday, 24 September 2020

PES 6 UEFA Nations League 2020 Patch v2.0


- All 55 UEFA national teams

- Chants and banners for all teams

- Kits for all teams

- Original stadiums for all teams with EURO 2020 qualifiers adboards (except Gibraltar which has improvised stadium)

- EURO 2020 theme and ingame graphics (graphics like scoreboard are changed completely, but I forgot to show it😅)

- EURO 2020 mod instead of KONAMI Cup

- EURO 2020 stadiums

- EURO 2020 trophy

- EURO 2020 Qualifiers mod instead of International League

- Howard Webb as a referee

- New overlays

- F&H for new players

- Improvised faces for players whose faces are not created

- Updated formations and roosters for all teams

- New entrance theme and goal song


*Before installing read the instructions above download links to make game work properly*

After few months of creation, I can proudly announce that this patch is finally finished! It was a long journey in which I started like a rookie without knowing even basics of patchmaking, but now I can say I've learned almost everything important. So, what does this update contain:

Some mistakes are still probably here, if you notice them contact me to fix them as soon as possible. Next update Version 3.0 will be released somewhere between 15th November and 10th December and it will contain missing stadiums, players and maybe new kits (depending on how many will be created till then). For now, I'll take a rest and probably start doing CONCACAF National Teams patch in October. Till then, I hope you will enjoy this one.☺️


Without materials of some other editors this patch would be much harder to make. I want to thank both to editors and to all of you who shared your ideas and graphics with me to make this patch even better. Special thanks goes to Buggy, Shah Ruud Deen and Benicio. Buggy whose patch I used as a base and who was some kind of mentor to me alongside Shah Ruud Deen, and Benicio for fantastic emblems and graphics of EURO.🤩. Credits:

Alegor PES 6 Faces


Benicio EPES6

Buggy PES 6

FabVitor Pes

Faces Pato_Lucas18

GREEK Revolution Patch PES6


Jonathan Nieve (Gibraltar improvised stadium and banners)

M4celo & po4ever

PECH - Proevolutionchile

PES Firebird Patch

PES Retro

PES 6 Facemaker Дзмітрый Русак

PES 6 France patchs stonecold

PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition

PES6 Sharp


Shollym Patch [PES 6]

WindowOp Kitmaker - PES 6

World Stadiums PES6

Also thanks to all facemakers and every editors I didn't mention, but whose materials I used. Also thanks to all of you for ideas and suggestions.🤗


If you don't have it, download necessary files from Version 1.0 (I'll leave links here). Please, download all the files from Version 2.0, especially PES6.exe and dat-kitserver because without them game will not work right. Instalation is simple, just copy and paste everything over Version 1.0 files. You should delete Dat-kitserver from Version 1.0 completely and paste new one to make game work.

VERSION 1.0 (if you have these files you don't have to download them again)


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