Tuesday 3 November 2020

PES 6 PECH Patch 2021 Update


 New model edited by  #Alegor  with more realistic bodies and physical dimensions. NEW!

Teams promoted and updated in all Leagues to date. NEW!

New real tv graphics created by #AlexJovis. NEW!

0_TEXT with Roster (DB Online) to play in online mode.

OPTION FILE updated with stats and players to date.

0_TEXT with new uniforms for all ANFP 2020 By GutiCHILE referees .

FACESERVER updated with new faces and hairs in HD quality for all teams.

UNI folder updated with new uniforms and jerseys released to date (HD and classic method).

New GLOVES, NUMBERS and FONTS added in edit mode of 0_TEXT.

Mix of fantasy stadiums + light stadiums within the 0_text.

New 0_TEXT with more uniforms licensed and updated in edit mode.

Updated STADIUMS folder with new stadiums assigned to each team .

Updated BOOTS folder with new shoes assigned to each player .


#IMPORTANT: They must erase the entire previous patch, leave the PES6 CLEAN . They must have a full version PES6 installed and in Spanish.

# IMPORTANT_2: It is recommended to download the microsoft visual c ++ libraries for the kitserver v6.8.2 to work correctly here:  https://mega.nz/file/ypsRXKLT#21b14bBah272ahhKwM5De7FU5loab2UE68VysSph9yw


1- Install a PES6 full version and in Spanish. If you have a patch, delete everything. Leave only the PES6 files by default.

2- Open PES6 so that the parent folder of the Option File is created.

3- Create the folder "Sud" in the root folder of the game, that is, in: "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 6".

4- Paste in the Sud folder the following files: 0_text, s_stext, 0_sound and s_sound.

5- Then paste the folder "kitserver" in the root folder of the game. (So ​​that the folder is not duplicated, they must click "extract here" when unzipping).

6- Go to the GDB folder, which is inside the kitserver folder and paste the following folders: balls, boots, faces, hair, uni, stadiums (the stadiums folder is optional). The same as the previous point, that is, at the moment of decompressing, they must click "extract here" so that the resulting folder is not duplicated.

7- Paste the executable (PECH Patch 2021.exe) in the root folder of the game.

8- Paste the folder "SudA" in the following location: "C: \ Users \ xxxxx \ Documents \ KONAMI \ Pro Evolution Soccer 6" (It is the one in my documents)

9- Carry out the "setup" step (see  # MUY_IMPORTANTE_3 ) found in the kitserver folder.

10- Enjoy!

# VERY_IMPORTANT_3: Once they have all the patch ready, they run the "setup.exe" found in the kitserver folder as administrator.

Where it says: "Game Executable" must select the exe of the patch, then hit the "remove" button, then hit the "install" button and finally accept and close the setup.

PASSWORD: www.proevolutionchile.net


Staff:  Fabian, camilomax, Alex.Jovis, Sergio530, P17, luxo_xxx, Bustinhoo, jaimeriffo; Graphicmakers:  Icarospes, PES Logos, Pato_Lucas, STEGRA, kingsley813, Master Saborio, Lesoj, Jasarsoft, ThanhCFC; Kitmakers:  Axel, Potro, FacaANgel, Villapilla ,dra, Anthrax, GutiCHILE, JeremySvr, AMW, WindowOp, Angel Kitmakers, Chris98Corde, Under, YIGIDO, AgusOp, Akatsuki, Castolo, ruskor, Alessandro, TR2, SergioBS, LilAlvaro, Juako.Temuko , Cold Kits, BK, Bynicarm, Icarospes, FK, ElGuaje7, Daniel_Juve, B4U7Y, Eddy65, ElBerns; Facemakers: NahuelHD, Joro, GaboCR, Tor37, TE Facemaker, Richard Tex Tex, Tung, Bojan, Sevenes, don_rxf, pablo-uc, MatigolAGB, k4os, Weezer, albo-95, Locopro, PedroRamone24, jopistola, Gabriel-CAI, felotheone, solo_1200 , Adam & TheKid, koolpro, Jerson, Alegor, Lerp90, Nico98, Niko, Dewatupai, ACH, AgustinF13, Buggy, Cesar ZB, Hamoo, Angel98, Cuervo96, Hero, pato13, Jesse's, YB, Rob, Abdo, Roni, The Punisher , BR92, El SergioJr, MattyRockers, TE, DzO, Jorgito, MA3Y, Rockshow, Rodrigo, Slim's Dark, Alemoarts, Ordaz, Triple T, El Qaysar, James 17, Miguel CABJ, Mostafa, Zizo, Castolo, Woken_Enzo, Qwerkys, Matute , SNO7Y, Babass, Jamnik, Fabri, Djgabri, AG, Дзмітрый Русак; Stadiumakers:  damisei, matupale, Realsoto, Dandro, Johnny007, Dracger, AnsokBeatZ, AlehTrumpet, betamax, chris, Zirior, World Stadiums PES6; Ballmakers:  Hayate, DaveBecce; Databasemakers:  PES STATS DATABASE, Pes Kings Edition, and editors that are unknown or omitted. There are many, but without your help, none of this would be possible.



  1. can we play this patch with english in gamte text language?

  2. How to install? It doesn't work, you can video the installation.

    1. Just copy and paste 0_text, 0_sound, s_text & s_sound to dat folder in pes 6 folder, and then paste balls, boots, faces, hair, uni, stadiums into gbd folder inside kitserver and paste exe file to pes6 folder, that's all

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I did everything right. When the match starts, the game crashes.

    1. Are you sure did you installed patch in fresh game?

  4. Where can I get a fresh pes 6 game?

  5. Everything works. It was necessary to download the dog 6 Spanish version

  6. Please help to @ALL,My patch installation is OK but I cannot select a stadium by kitserver, its only works for ingame stadiums.

  7. PECH Patch 2021 AFS Not Found

  8. How to install after follow instruction game error'