Friday 18 December 2020

PES 6 Efimero Patch 2020-21

 Thank you all for the wait, I can finally launch this patch, something short for what the community usually sees, but to my liking are the most important teams, at least in Europe!

I leave you the new exe and settings to detect the document folder and files to play online.

• Installation / installation: Very simple, you just have to run the setup, you have the option of 2 accounts, the rest is just to locate where we want the game installed and insert a serial for the online.

• donations / donations:

• Thank you so much for collaborating on the patch, mostly to them.

Gangel Reys & Reynier FACES-Appearance

Javasiete Pes6 Producciones-Relatos and Singers

PECH Edition PES6-Kits

World Stadiums PES6-Stadiums

By: Matu_CARP-Bookmarks




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