Friday 12 February 2021

PES 6 Firebird Patch 2021 (Winter Transfers Update)

 Hello everyone and welcome to a new season with Firebird, perhaps the best patch for PES 6.

This one is a special edition... Many things have changed from its last version, even though only a few months have passed since then.

Let's start with what remains the same:


La Liga

Serie A


These are the 4 main championships on which the MAXI edition is based, with the addition of their Second Divisions, in order to have the best Master League experience possible.

Furthermore, ALL clubs competing in Champions League (which is again available as a CUP mode) are present, along with many others competing in Europa League.

Let's proceed to the big news, now:

We are proudly offering you the most complete Master League experience ever created on PES 6...

Salary map integrated with players' prices proportional to the real ones

Lots of young people included in their clubs' rosters

Lots of free players from all over the world included in "free agents" with updated faces and values

One more exclusive content: For the first time, even "ML Young" players have names and stats of real players (aged 16 to 21), meaning they are NOT re-gen players randomly created by the game.


There is a brand new menu for the patch. Most graphics are completely re-newed, as well as the logos for all National teams and the most recent logos for all Club teams. New Scoreboards for all Leagues and Cups.

The Kitserver is up to date.

We have all the Kits, Balls, Faces, Boots and Stadiums 100% updated.

You will notice some exclusive kits for our patch, thanks to the collaboration with "Miracle Works Pes 6".

We also managed to add many new call-names thanks to "Javasiete Pes6 Producciones", so now ALL popular players have their call-names. We make clear that spanish commentary will be used for this version.

UEFA Nations League is available as a CUP mode, with the option of simulating both League A and League B.

All national teams included in these two leagues are present, of course.


(Make sure to check the 'DOWNLOAD' section before reading this installation guide)

Install a clean version of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 in English.

Download and unzip/extract all files from our download links.

First, put the kitserver folder and the EXE file in the main installation folder:

"Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6"

After this, put these folders inside the GDB:

"Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\GDB"

- balls

- boots

- gloves

- faces

- hair

- stadiums

- uni

And then, put these files (delete the original ones and copy/paste the new ones) on your 'dat' folder:

"Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat"






The Option File should be put in this folder:

"Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1"

And you are done! The patch is ready. Enjoy the game!


Option File Editing - Blackmaster & Apostolos

New Graphics (Menus/Scoreboards) - Blackmaster

GDB Maps - Blackmaster, Lê Trung Khuyên, Kamil Klawikowski

Exclusive Kits - Miracle Works Pes6/We9

Commentary/Callnames - Javasiete Pes6 Producciones

Thanks to all those who collaborated, even simply with suggestions and/or sending material to us. In particular, Jonathan Nieve, Benicio EPES 6, Karlo Čižmešija.

Thanks to all creators/editors who made their material public and usable.

In particular, Benicio EPES 6, Sharp87, Bandeeta and all facemakers, kitmakers and stadium makers.

Big thanks to the "PSD" site and the "FIFA21toPES6statsConverter" for helping us with some players' stats.

Finally yet importantly, another big thanks to the Evo-Web community.



  1. Hi size full screen is black game..

  2. The GDB on mine is not working... The menus, Players abbilities, etc is on, but nothing on GDB loads on the game... The faces, balls, boots, can someone help?

    1. execute the setup inside the kitserver