Wednesday 24 February 2021

PES 6 English Premier League 2004-05 Patch


Main info:

-Based on PES 6 2004 patch / EPL 2003-04 by Axl81.

-Modified from PES 6 EPL 2003-04 SLE.


-All 20 English Premier League teams season 2004-05.

-Kits for all teams.

-Faces for most players.

-Boots for all players.

-Individual gloves for goalkeepers.

-All 20 English Premier League stadiums.

-English Premier League balls (Total 90 Aerow & Total 90 Aerow Hi-Vis).

-English Premier League scoreboards and match graphics.

-English Premier League referee kits.

-English Premier League trophy.



-Only English Premier League available in League Mode.

-No other leagues and cups competition available.

-Use Barclays Premiership in Konami League slot to start a league season.

Credits & Source:


-PES Logos


-Master Saborio

-Faces Pato_Lucas18

-World Stadiums PES6

-Bandeeta's PES 6 gloves

-PES 6 France patchs stonecold

-The Wolf 2005 Evolution Patch

-PES 5 Original Season v5

-Wolf patch 2003-04

-Wendetta patch

-PES 4 | RTG

-All editors (faces/balls/boots/kits/stadiums/graphics/program & tools).

How to install:

Download all parts, put in one folder anywhere in computer (eg: desktop). Then, just click & run the setup exe. file (pes 6 logo). Wait until finish.


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