Monday 18 September 2017

PES 2018 Demo and Full Game FPS Patch

 Paste the file to PES 2018 “data folder & replace default file” (dont forget to backup your old file)
* I work and used this update in PES 2018 demo, meaby it will work in fullgame (i’m not sure yet)
* Not recomended for high end PC user, its need more experience on graphic
* For more fps, used performance setting on VGA control panel setting
* Play on 720p
* sett rendering in game=> low setting (for demo game default one just medium setting)
* I love This Game so much (PES 2018), and now i hate my PC for bad FPS
* feed back here and report if any wrong with this update.

* removed rendering setting like motion blur_ Dof and other high resources setting.

* works for Demo and Full Game.


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