Wednesday 27 September 2017

PES 6 Stonecold Patch 2017/18 EPL & Ligue 1 Edition


The 2017/18 season on the patch includes:
* The Premier League complete
* The Ligue 1 complete
* Champion's league clubs
* Top clubs in Bundesliga, Liga and Serie A
* Top clubs in the Europa League
* World Nations for the 2018 World Cup
* The best classic clubs of the years 80-90-2000
* The greatest classic nations of the 90s
* Ligue 1 and PREMIER League referee kits included
* 4 South American clubs in bonus season 16/17
* + 300 transfers in Europe and +500 players created since the end of the season
* New menus and soundtrack of the game with hits of 2017
with MHD, Benny Camaro, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, DJ Snake, Embody, Jonas Blue, Evangeline, Luis Fonsi, Naza, Nego de Borel, Robin Schulz, Sigala, Tybercore and Unicq

* New tunnels at the entrance of the players
* New speaker moods and half-time interviews
* New supporters' chants for the Ligue1
* Many faces of players added since the patch 2016
* New Nike shoes, Adidas, Puma 2017 and balls 17/18
including +790 shoes and +2560 faces
* New exclusive Ligue 1 kits included season 17/18 by Magicwaddle
and Premier League promo kits also
* The Ligue 1 and Premier League stadiums included in the patch
* New Scoreboards for the season in matches
* Balance of the stats of the biggest teams after the first round
Champions League and championships
* New logos and icons for menus
* The patch available in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian
* Comments in French, English or Spanish / Mexican of your choice


Team Lists:

Video Preview: 


1 * Replace old PES6.exe, F_text, O_text, and O_sound files with the new ones
2 * Put the patch option file
3 * dezipper the kitserver put it next to the PES6.exe of the game

(keep the stadiums you already have and place them in the stadiums folder of the new kitserver)

TUTORIAL english:

1 * replace old files from DAT folder by the new downloaded files from the patch, and including new PES6.exe too.
2 * replace new option file in DOcuments / settings / konam / save / folder1
3 * unzipp the Kitserver downloaded and put it next to your pes6.exe in the main folder of your game directory.
(there are no stadiums in this new kitserver, so keep your downloaded stadiums and put them in the empty new STADIUMS folder)
4 * Start the game and enjoy the magic!

MENUS backgrounds/sounds musics /chants
added and created by stonecold
BANNERS by LeeST, baba_a, Marinho, Cuervo, Edwin
SCOREBOARDS created by stonecold
balls and boots by Skills_Rooney, Hayate, luxusor,
,nabo, snake_li, schweinstieger31, moramed, nguyenanhtuan_mu, VARK, reddaum, Alexines, sauce, chacal
thanks to juce & robbie kitserver
option file players : stonecold
kits : special thanks to MAgicWaddle kits ligue 1 and Premier league promus, Dibu, classic kits by SPEC/eppalan ,edisson96,WindosOP, Jailson, arip, El Chimbinha,eteliosormani,leo21,danieljuve, Daoo, jorm, Shardo, gerardo6191, VillaPilla,coldkits , ayoking, Lejzi, Goran, gabriel_timao, Szenowski, Zlatan85, boro, sebinho, nabo78, plk, sahsouh, Mikue, ElToY, *aLe, Claxdinho, t1ma, JuanZinho, Lucas, Argy, chmiel13, Ema, Odiney, Sambozic, Agus, Marianoarrana, Era, dj90
MAPS and TEAM LIST by stonecold
Special thanks to World stadiums for creating stadiums every year.


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