Tuesday 26 September 2017

PES 2018 Team Name Changer v1.1

What This Tool Can do:
* Edit Individual Team Name and Short Name
* Export, Edit and Import Team Name in CSV
* Change Unlicensed to Licensed Team
* Change Fake to Real Team

How to Use:
1. Load folder contain Team.bin (unzlibbed)
2. Make changes on the Team and click Apply
3. Or Export to CSV, edit from CSV and Import from back to the tool
4. Save File

Notes on CSV Editing:
1. Take note, any changes on the Team ID in CSV will not affect after saving the file.
2. Please don't change the team order in CSV and don't remove the header
3. Licensed Team is 1 and unlicensed Team is 0
4. Fake Team is 1 and Real Team is 0

Credit : RazoR


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