Thursday 14 September 2017

PES 2018 Kit Studio 2018 - v1.0 - UniColor and KitConfig Editor

Supports only PC files – console files are NOT supported directly (use multi-converter to convert your files from/to console formats)
kits per team configuration
– kit types (normal, GK, CL)
– kit icons
– kit colors (for kit selection menu, etc.)
add/remove kits to team (up to 10 kits per team)
conversion of unlicensed team entries to licensed (to enable CL kits)
ability to delete unwanted unlicensed team entries (e.g. duplicated teams)
ability to add new team entries (e.g. for extra teams that you already created by yourself in Team.bin)
ability to delete licensed team entries via popup menu
saved .bin files are always zlib-compressed
improved team filtering by name – filter boxes now accept all characters (interpunction, characters with umlauts, carets, etc.)
filters accept team Id’s and team names
hex color-codes displayed in color pickers
export/import of individual licensed team entries via popup menu
mass csv export/import for all teams
colored mini-kit icons preview (based on PES 2015 kit icons – may not be 100% accurate for PES 2018)
ability to unlicense licensed team entries (two options – unlicensing of the unicolor entry only or unlicensing in both unicolor.bin and team.bin file) via pop-up menu
EXPERIMENTAL – realUni .bin config files editing (see File > Settings … for further instructions on how to enable this feature) – realUni .bin config files also seem to be unchanged when compared to 2017, but no guarantees that kit configs actually work in-game – always make backups.

Disabled features from previous versions:
kit preview option – due to new .ftex format used in PES 2018
synchronization with EDIT00000000 – no way to decrypt EDIT00000000 yet

What files do I need to use …

For compatibility with the game which does not use data packs:
– Team.bin and Team4.bin from dt10_x64.cpk (common/etc/pesdb)
– Unicolor.bin from dt34_g4.cpk (common/character0/model/character/uniform/team)

Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0

To all evo-webbers who actively participated in discussions related to PES 2015 kit relinking, CL kits, etc.
Special thanks goes to @Горан for his unicolor hex-map and to @*aLe for csv beta-testing
Special thanks also goes to @GOAL for his KitManager 2016 – reverse-engineering of the modifications that his tool makes in realUni .bin files made it possible to create kit configurator in KitStudio 2017 and 2018

Happy editing :)


Version 1.0.0. is an early version for testing purposes, ported directly from 2017 version, with minor cosmetic PES 2018 changes only. As far as I could see from new PES 2018 database files, nothing important has changed in the structure of UniColor.bin and Team.bin files compared to PES 2015, PES 2016 or PES 2017 files.

Nevertheless, there may be some hidden changes that can affect the game, so please use this version to test and report any problems.

I haven’t made any tests ingame.


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