Thursday, 29 August 2019

PES 6 New Season Patch 2019-20 AIO (PES 2020 VERSION)


*Patch 2020 is finally here
*All newly promoted teams
*New kits 2019-20
*New players
*New stadiums
*New menu
*New Background etc...



NOTE: No need to download previous version, because it is AIO version.



  1. wow, amazing but link mediafire too slow. I dont like that:((

  2. Is awesome but it will be easy to download if it is with u torrent cause it's better and fast

  3. why on earth everyone is making patches like this? most of us want to play Master League with 24 clubs frome one country. So why should I play Master League with egyptian clubs in it? ffs, do patch without these useless clubs, add 4-6 clubs from second divisions of top-5 leagues instead of this sh*t

    1. Then do a patch yourself, stupid

    2. okay, so why do you defend this patch? There's nothing interesting with new stuff in PES 6 except ML. I'm not interested in playin' asian clubs in ML. Or playin' friendlies. What is interesting in patches like this? Can you answer me?

    3. Sorry for the problem, actually the patch maker maybe an Asian, so he prefers Asian teams, i will upload a new patch with some European ml teams, sorry for the problem, also please consider respecting the patch maker, Thanks

    4. no no no, it isn't your fault ShaBoss, you do great job uploading and running 4 this site, it's just me who really don't understand logic of creating patches like this

    5. There isnt any logic to do a patch. I do patchs too, and i have a lot of "little" teams that probably most of the people dont care about.

      I have an European Patch, another from SouthAmerica, another only for National Teams and im working on a patch with minor leagues, like Greek, Polish, Belgium and stuff like that.

      The are thousands of patchs out there, specially for PES 6. Just find the one that fits with what you are looking for.

    6. thousands, but not 2019-20 stuff - that's the problem. Maker of this patch did great job except one thing - there's nothing to do in there except playing friendlies. Friendlies are not interesting.

      Last years patchmakers only updated squads, teams, added stadiums - but very rarely did another league with clubs for full (24 clubs from one country) Master League experience. For last season I only can remember just one or two Option Files and Greek + Cyprus patch. It's not very interesting at all. That's why I'm whining in there - why patchmakers only update teams when they can add 2nd European divisions clubs instead of useless Asian or African teams? This is really waste of time. Same problem with this patch - I'm not interested in playin' friendlies with 2019-20 patch. Just add 2nd European divisions clubs - do full Master League! Because with this list of clubs I can't properly play Master League. I think most of PES6 players play only ML and don't see why they should play patches like this

  4. man pasame el uni porfa q tengo un internet muy lento

  5. After downloading there are 2 files, AIO 2020 New Season Patch and an optional 2020 file. What do I have to do to play ???. Hope you reply !!!

  6. Someone know how to install it??

  7. any update regarding this game please update it on the post