Saturday 16 September 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 PC Demo Unlocker 0.1

How to use :
1. The .NET Framework 4.6 must be availableYou can download it here:

2. You must have the full game you can download (download PES2018 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2018) from here:

3. Then load the Data file and unzip it and copy it into the PES2018 Demo folder and accepted the exchange

Download Data File:

(Make a backup copy of the full game to avoid any damage occurs during the activation of the tool)

4. Run the tool will show you an ad you have to skip so you can add the difference

Your tool should appear as follows:
(If there is a problem while skipping the ad you can press the Refresh button to refresh the page)

5. Run the game and add special teams to your pick

You must follow the steps well to avoid any problems

Credit : Omar Ahmed


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