Friday 10 November 2017

PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2017/18 Update November 2017

Features : 

- Real name for all competitions.
- New Graphics in the purest style that only PECH could deliver.
- Kits updated and configured in the internal editor + correct colors of the fans.
- New Songs with great audio quality + new music pack.
- Canvases of the teams compiled and relinketed by Luxo_xxx
- Updateable executable with names of new selections and clubs.
- Executable Normal Camera and Remote Camera version.
- Option File 100% updated, with many improvements over previous patches in Stats
- New Markers, Shields and Teamnames fully updated + new screen and load logos.
- New collection of Faceserver 100% updated, with the best version of each player.
- New Balls collected by Alex Jovis and created by DaveBecce, hayate, PesLogos, among others.
- New Kits compiled by P17.
- Stats collected by P17 & Fabián
- Physicists corrected by camilomax & Fabián. Little by little we will complete it until reaching all the players of the patch. At the moment they are 100% the two divisions of Chile and some European players.
- Stats updated to date according to Pes Stats Database in the most important leagues.
- Extra Content, compiled by Luxo_xxx:
- Improved sounds (pause the game, sound of error, choose some mode, go from option to option, etc.)
- Atmosphere
- New skin for players and referees


English Version :

- English texts instead of Spain texts for English users
- HD stadiums with names and previews in-game
- Logos of leagues and cups
- New balls, gloves and boots.
- New Background themes.
- Ready for 2017/2018 Season
- And More !

Installation : 

You don't need PES 6 game to be installed, this is separate independent game of PES 6 PECH Ultimate Patch 2017/2018. It won't harm your other PES 6 game / patches.

1. Run the setup.exe as admin.

2. Play !

Update 4/11/2017

- Winter balls
- New songs
- New faces and hair
- New option file
- Update Installer by Sany023

CREDITS: PECH Ultimate Team
Thanks for Kayce Pato for reminding me this update.


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  1. Thanks @Sha Boss for the mention. Excellent work man! Keep up the good work