Thursday 8 August 2019

PES 2013 Mafia Patch 2019-20 Season


. Add English League Season 19-20
. ADD LIGUE 19-20 season
. ADD SERIE A season 19-20
. Add La Liga season 19-20
. Add Saudi League Season 19-20
. Add Egyptian League Season 19-20
. Add Tunisian League Season 19-20
. Add Egyptian League second degree
. Add Euro 2020
. Add African Nations 2019
. Add Asian Nations 2019
. Add Copa America 2019
. Adding Champions League for season 19-20
. Add the club world cup for the 19 season.
. Add some new teams for club world cup such as (UAE eye _ Boca Joe Neo Rose Argentine _ River Plate Argentine _ Kashima Intel Rose Japanese)
Update the lists of all the teams.
Update all teams plans and add latest plans
Update ages all players
. Adding the new champions league ball for the 19-20 season
. Add score board for the champions league for the new 19-20
. Add all champions league teams
. Update all the logos of the tournament
. Championship cup form update
. Setting the champions of the championship (Liverpool) Hey, Chelsea.
Add the latest plans for the tournament.
Add 50 new stadium to the game.
. Add teams (Stars of the world _ Stars English league _ stars of la liga _ stars of the Egyptian League _ Real Madrid classic
. Add pak special songs
. Add more 600 face to the Egyptian League only
. Add Graphic and corp roses youth b 2020
. Add Pak cor for season 19-20
Add the new champions league.
Add the new club world cup.
. Update the game and the waiting video
. Add pak shoes for season 19-20
. Identify European super parties
. Add some new teams like Los Angeles Galaxy and Ajax Amsterdam
. Select Patrol Champions for all patrols available in this release
. Add flooring for modified from inside the game
Add more than 500 players to more than 500 players.
. Add comment fahad otaibi latest version
Add real trainers in the master league.
. Update of the history of Mr. 2020
. Add serious levels to the game
. Add serious games to the games
And more amazing features you will find inside the patch.


Credits #Mafia Patchs 4 U & Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed
Big Thanks For
(mohanad m. Amin) for helps
And Facemakers (Mohamed Sameh Facemaker _ Mohamed Osama facemaker _ Taytay Facemaker _ mamud facemaker _ Gedo 22 Facemaker)


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