Tuesday 8 December 2020

PES 6 HNL Mini Patch 2021



HNL Mini Patch is based on original PES 6.

Inside the patch there are only 10 teams from Croatian 1st league available to play with,

the rest of the teams are not playable, they can be used only in edit mode.


- Original roster for all 10 Croatian teams

- PSD stats for Dinamo Zagreb players and custom stats for other teams

- FULL faces & hair pack for all the teams from HT Prva Liga (Created all the faces for new players)

- New HD kits for all the teams for season 2020/21

- Original pre-match and in-game graphics for HT Prva Liga

- 8 original and 2 modified stadiums from HT Prva Liga

- Chants and banners for all 10 teams

- Enabled League mode and Online mode to play with your friends

- Kitserver 6.8.1 (lot of fixes, especially for reading HD faces, hair, and boots)

- New body model for model 33 kits by Alegor (enabled HD kits)

- Personalized gloves for all goalkeepers by Karlo Cizmesija

- New adboards on stadiums by Karlo Cizmesija


- Big credits to all the PES 6 facemakers, I've used a lot of models to create such a big number of faces

- Special credits to Alegor PES 6 Faces for his facemaking and kitmaking tutorials as well as new body model 33

- Big thanks to Karlo Cizmesija for adboards, gloves and all the other help

- Big thanks to Daro Patchmaker for conversion of kits from PES 2021 to PES 6

- Big thanks to creators of HNL Patch 2021 for PS 4 from 12. igrač community (nix 19982 & PESMASTER)

- Big thanks to Shollym Patch [PES 6] for his chants and banners collections

- Thanks to everyone else who I didn't mention but used their work, feel free to credit yourself



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  1. You shouln't be using ads on my patch which is for free and make money on my work without a permission