Thursday 21 May 2020

PES 6 FIFA Confederations Cup Full History Patch 1992-2017

Updates Version 2.0
- Pack of boots for all players
- Update on some kits
- Face, Hair and Stats Players and Team Update
- Increase in states (at least one per country)

Now, here's the surprise for Patch users:

20 new teams...!!!
(Located in the Master League Option. If you were already playing Master League in Version 1 of the Patch, you won't be able to use these new teams. I love you so much


1) 10 New teams, Confederations Cup participants, which were not included in version 1
- United States 1992
- Ivory Coast 1992
- Japan 1995
- Nigeria 1995
- Saudi Arabia 1995
- Mexico 1997
- Saudi Arabia 1997
- United Arab Emirates 1997
- South Africa 1997
- New Zealand 1999

2) 6 World Champions Gold Cup Participant - World Cup Uruguay 1980-1981

The 1980 FIFA Gold Cup and popularly known as World Champions Gold Cup, was an official international football tournament, co-organized between FIFA and the Uruguayan government. The World Cup of ' 80 brought together the winning national teams of the World Cup and the Netherlands, the latter replacement of England as the World Cup took place in the midst of the European football and English league season (as well as well as their clubs) were reluctant to free their players for a long journey to another continent. It was played in Montevideo between December 30, 1980 and January 10, 1981, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the first World Cup dispute and had much impact at the time, being considered a high level tournament.

Team Europe and America 1973
This match was played in 1973 in Barcelona-Spain. The European call, assigned to Ladislao Kubala, included Iribar (Athletic Bilbao), Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland, Tottenham), goalkeepers, in addition to Johan Neeskens (Netherlands, Ajax), Fachetti (Italy, Inter), Sol and Salif Keita (Mali, Valencia), Eusebio (Portugal, Benfica), Johan Cruyff (Netherlands, Barcelona), Riva (Italy, Cagliari), Asensi (Barcelona) and Pirri (Real Madrid), with an extraordinary Johan Cruyff just arrived at the Condal City.
For America, with the tandem Sívori-Zagallo in front were the Argentines Montoro, Carnevali (UD Las Palmas), Wolff (still belonged to River), Brindisi (still to Hurricane) and Ayala, in addition to the Brazilians Pereira, Paulo Cesar, a Extraordinary Rivelino, Chilean Carlos Caszely, Peruvians Cubillas, Chumpitaz and Sotil, the Uruguayans Morena or Pavoni.

Cholo Sotil opened the account (0-1), then the European comeback through Euebo and Keita (1-2), tied Cubillas (2-2), Europeans reacted again with goals from Asensi and Jara (4-2), While Brindisi and Chumpitaz, the latter penalty, closed the score (4-4) and forced the release of penalties where the American national team was imposed po 7 to 6.

Europe All - Stars 1997 y World All - Stars 1997
It was a friendly football match prior to the 1998 FIFA World Cup Draw in France played on December 4, 1997 at Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. This match was played by several stars from the 32 countries qualified to the 1998 FIFA World Cup, a European combined European team led by Franz Beckenbauer and the other combined by the rest of the American, African continents and Asian forming the team of Rest del Mundo led by Carlos Alberto Parreira.
Marius Lacatus was responsible for opening the account for the Old Continent team, but Antony de Ávila, the 'Phenomenon' Ronaldo and Gabriel Batistuta took care of tracing the score with 5 goals. Zidane discounted about the end of the game.
Europe aligned as follows: Andreas Köpke, Heimo Pfeifeifenberger, Soren Colding, Alessandra Costacurta, Fernando Hierro, Dominique Lemoine, Krassimir Balakov, Paul Ince, Patric Kluivert, Zinedine Zidane and Alen Boksic.
While Rest of the World had Jecques Songo ' o in the bow. Hong Myung-Bo, Javier Margas, Nwankwi Kanu, Noureddine Naybet, Adel Sellimi, Gabriel Batistuta, Ronaldo and Antony de Ávila.

Hope you like the Patch, it took a lot of effort to do it. Over the next few days I'll be uploading new kits and updates. Who knows, and encourage me to place new teams.

Greetings greetings

Take care of yourselves, and don't leave home



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