Sunday 24 May 2020

PES 6 Super LAP6 Patch 2020-21 v1.25

Updated content up to date:
* Brasileirao
* Uruguayan Combined
* League MX
* Combined South American teams
* 1th Division Argentina tournament (SUPERLIGA)
* First National Tournament
* Metropolitan B Tournament
* 1th Division C tournament
* 1th Division D Tournament
* Federal A Tournament
* Combined of the promotion and regional tournament
* UEFA Europa teams and tmb Champions League
* MLS & ASIA All Stars Team (The Best)
* Argentine Comments Patch - S. Vignolo | D. Latorre
* Argentine Comments Patch - R. From Paoli | A. Seniosian
* Argentine Comments Patch - M. Closs | D. Latorre
* Real & Updated Billboards
* Kits of all teams in match mode, editing and also in TEAM EDITION, is the first patch to contain them there.
* Exclusive Graphic Designs
* Royal Flags
* Ballons Pack (From Each League & Cup)
* Plenty of Booties assigned to your Correspondent Player
* New Bookmarks
* Real Referee Equipment
* Real Swollen
* Over 2750 Player Faces
* Over 2750 Player Hairstyles
* Appearances of All Players to Corde and retouched to 2020 with new texture that was released.
* Exclusive Patch Faces


SPECIAL THANKS to this version and some who did not contribute to this version will be because when they could contribute! Fabri Facemaker PES for making more than 80 special faces to my order (Eber) and passing them smoothly, Mati Cheres for the special patch graphic, @Faces Duck 12, Lautaro Gomez (Laucha), for your EDITION OF DETAILED ASCENSE!
Faces Duck _ Lucas18 for helping solve problems, By: Matu _ CARP, Graphic, Juan Bustamante also graphic, Javasiete Pes6 Productions for making the tremendous stories and assigning CALLNAMES, Matute Faces Pes 6 that made us special faces, @Fer Brown for your ascent faces, @Patricio Navarro for lots and long edition, @Hori Viale compilation, NahueLhd, all pages for contributions and Eber Ampugnani brain of this patch. Without them none of this would have been possible.


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