Wednesday 6 May 2020

PES 6 New Body Model PES 2020

CREDITS: Alegor PES6 Faces

Hi guys,

I work for PES 6 now for more than 10 years and at some parts of the game I had some ideas and made some revolutions like with 3D hairs, shadded stadiums, HD Pitch, HD faces etc. but this was only possible because some genius guys made the tools for it. Therefore first of all I want to say THANK YOU to all this guys Juce, STEGRA, Pato_Lucas etc. for their great tools. A special thanks goes to El Sergio Jr who helped me a lot in the last 12 month with that kit projects! I also thanks Villapilla and Icaro for their help and tips about the view of kitmakers.

Kits and boots were the parts of PES 6 I disliked for years and this way I was searching for a way to improve this. The upcoming method by using PES 2020 or Fifa kit file structure to paint it to the PES 6 kits format will improve the look of the kits. But beside this I know there will be also people or kitmakers which still like to stay with old kitmaking method (at HD faces it was the same - people just changed to HD making method after I made a detailed tutorial for that). Inspired from the PES 2020/ Fifa 20 kitmethod (kits have straight lines) I tried to make the UV of PES 6 kit more comfortable for such PES 6 kitmakers too. The body and the UV is now done in a way that kitmakers can work almost with straight lines and ingame it will come out in a fine way.

You can see that in the following screens (1. Screen short arms with horizontal/ vertical stripes/ 2. Screen long sleeves with horizontal/ vertical stripes). I also leave this used test kit for you to test ingame and understand the idea of it.

As a Facemaker and stadiummaker I know how a good modell need to look also in the interaction of the UV map and the modell. Therefore this beta version already comes out as a "clean work". Also this project took me that long because the animation points ingame make player movement sometimes worse if the playerbody modell is moved particulary too far away from that animation points. I tried my best to make the kit as good as possible but anyway it is still beta and I ask you to test it and report some mistakes. After this I can continue with the next step progresses.

ONE LAST THING IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR TESTING: Villapilla told me that the gameplay is better if the player bodies are almost close to body 3 settings. Means this Kit modell I made is for body type 3 as default. At patches which use for body a setting far away from 0 the new kit will look too skinny. For example Messi: I like him if he has body type3. Thats just as a tipp.


This steps will be:

1. Finish the PES 6 new body (for photoshop kits) = model 28
2. Finish the PES 6 new body (for texture paint method -> kit revolution -> can be put in any not often used kit slot)
3. Finish Blend file for converting PES 2020/ Fifa 20 kits to PES 6 (but mainly this tool shall be for PES 6 kitmakers to make own revolution kits) and leave a tutorial and template (for this I hope for some help of kitmakers).
4. Create Boots converter (some informations will follow)


KIT MODEL 28: Install: Put this file into your dat folder 0_text.afs in kitserver

PNG: Put this all.png in a uni folder of a team with body 28



  1. WAOO QUE bien DIOS los bendiga por esto amigos

  2. Replies
    1. DOWNLOAD:

      KIT MODEL 28:

      TEST KIT 1:

      TEST KIT 2:


  3. exelent edit..thanks..........biggest problem for pes6 is level match. higehest level( top player) isnt very hard. If you could increase the difficulty of the game, there was no problem.
    pes6 is love

  4. Thanks for this. I really appreciate how the modding scene for PES 6 is still on after so many years. There'll never be a football game like this one, but hopefully someone (be Konami or EA) makes football games fun again.

  5. Sha Boss. How to use this file?

    Please explain