Monday 22 July 2019

PES 2017 PES Professionals Patch v5.4 Update (22-07-2019)

Update Features: 

Full Update of Data Pack 5 Labis 19
Updating the centers from the Data Pack 5 to Pais 19
Work of the summer transitions to date today
The work of some teams such as Pace 20 (France - Juventus - Al Barsa - Manchester United - Bayern Munich)
Train the coaches and add photos to them
Delete duplicates of players
Make big team plans
The action of the rising and descending clubs
Update some of Europe's teams
Repair the lengths of some players mistake
Correct the ages of some players
Solve the problem of African teams
Connect each team to its own stadium
Add a new Buck Core 2020
Update the lighting of the game to be a semi-pis 19 + 20
The addition of Jim Play is wonderful and very lively, similar to the Pease 2019
Major teams update for the 2020 season
Add a SCOREBOURCE PISS 2020 + LOGO replay
Game graphic 2020 is very professional



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