Sunday 28 August 2016

PES 2017 Demo Download For PC?

Hey hey, look on the title of the post "PES 2017 Demo Download For PC? ha ha i am not joking here or not trying to make you mad, but in our around world so many sites and youtube channels are listing that PES 2017 demo is now ready for download on PC, but whhen we look on to thhat sites, mmm just bullshit, it may don't have any links, or maybe the links may go to any other sites or may produce virus on our system. So highly i recommend you to move away from them and wait for KONAMI releasing PES 2017 demo Pc and full game. So i will share some examples below:

A youtube channel and its heading was "PES 2017 GAMEPLAY EXCLUSIF + DOWNLOAD DEMO PC" hey hey but after looking on that the reality is their does not contains any link: EXAMPLE BELOW:

And other one was crazy heading DOWNLOAD PES 2017 For PC but after seeing the video i realise that the video was FIFA 16 EXAMPLE BELOW:

 And also some sites stated ta PES 2017 download For PC test, etc,etc, but i am not giving you the names of that sites because we respect each and every website owners like that of visitors, so keep in mind that we can hope a PES 2017 PC demo next month or week, and also we will get the full version game released on next month (Spetember 15). Also you can pre-order from this LINK to get 49 % discount. THANKS ALL....

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