Wednesday 10 August 2016

PES 2017: More Licensed Partner Clubs Will Join

More licensed partner clubs will join Barça in PES 2017

Bhatti confirms FC Barcelona is just the first of many and explains new strategy to build partnerships on the club level.

At the event where the partnership between Konami and FC Barcelona was announced at Nou Camp we wanted to learn more about the new strategy the publisher is trying in terms of teams and licenses, and also on how they're dealing with other clubs for PES 2017. From the brand manager Adam Bhatti interview below:

"It's the first of its kind for a football club and for a video games company, it's not just the official video game partner, that's just one of the many levels, the naming rights, but we're a premium partner", explains Bhatti on the deal.

Giving us the background and full picture of this change in strategy Bhatti continues, "we really wanted to start this route, this way of working with football teams. We have this huge battle with licences, and I think going head to head on any licences, getting to a bidding war, is just not healthy for us, for sure. Because PES is doing really well, PES is sustainable based on what we do. Suddenly if we start paying tens of millions in licences for leagues and stuff because we are bidding against another company, and then suddenly PES isn't sustainable, suddenly we need to sell more and if we don't we're in trouble and that's not how PES has been for a long time".

"So this is a new direction for us", continues Bhatti. "We wanted to start entering partnerships with clubs. This is the first idea. However, what we wanted to do first and foremost was to partner with the clubs that we really align with in terms of ethics, what they mean for the country, for the town, for their city. And we feel like this is the first where we've shown that we're doing this and once you start to see all the other partnerships that we announce, you'll see it's a strategy, it's not just a one-off. It's not just if you [don't] support Barcelona we don't care about you. Nothing like that, this is a strategy where we are going to start signing more teams, we have some more exciting announcements. But this means so much for us, so much for the club and for the fans. I mean, you're talking about legend players, about exclusive stadium. There is so much benefit here."

So there's already a "lower level" partnership with Atlético and the premium partnership with Barça, so the next ones will be announced soon, and most likely outside La Liga, in different countries for a more global appeal:

"This is not the only one, by Gamescom you will see that as well, this is the first of many. And I think how we use these partnerships, how we welcome these clubs into our family, we hope proves to the fans that we are really serious about this and also we would love it that world of football and all of the clubs turn around and love what we are doing with them, and want to be a part of this family. That is really important".

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will launch September 15 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and its demo will be announced (and released?) at Gamescom. Here's full PES 2017 interview:


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