Tuesday 9 August 2016

PES 2018 Real Game Graphics?

As PES 2017 is ready to hit fans with its unlimited game archives like control reality, precise pass, and so on.... But all other than pes 2017 graphics is really heart breaking. So here i talk a little about PES 2018 graphics? Not official just a fake story.

Will PES 2018 looks like real life?

Eureka, the main embarrassing thing for every PES fan will be the graphics looks like that of real-life? Mmm i also thinks about it, as KONAMI has bring changes in PES 2017 graphics, i think their will be a lot more in PES 2018, so even will it makes the game looks like that wee see in TV? haha you will feel crazy towards me, but i promises you that PES 2018 will surely merely looks a more like that of real-life football.

Need to change jersey templates:

 Yes PES needed to change its default Jersey kit template concept, i mean it wanted to change like, if messi uses simple loose template, CR7 must use tight template and so on..... I think you have understood me?

Did you think that PES 2018 will looks like real-life? Share your thoughts as comments  because it is just free and watch PES 2017 gameplay below:


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  1. Ohh you mean pes 2018 need more kit models for player... Like in pes 2016 konami have made 2 kit models... Tight one and lost one